About us

Our Motto

Healthy Skin Starts with Nature


Our Mission

To create a more natural and effective alternative to the chemical laden skincare products so often available today, and to offer our customers a more natural approach, that will be nature friendly and safe for all.


Our Story

We are located just outside of Saratoga Springs, New York, surrounded by the historic freshwater springs that have defined this area as a center for health and healing for over 200 years.

Our healthier living path originated from a need to provide better, safer products for our families. As moms, we realize how essential it is for our growing children to have more limited exposure to all the chemicals we were finding in skin care products on store shelves.

Born and raised in Europe, we have incorporated many of the additional safeguards and restrictions common there in the production of skin care products. We’ve found that too many products commercially available here, even among the ones labeled ‘all natural’, contain ingredients that can be harsh for our skin. We incorporate natural sources for softer,smoother, and healthier skin. We make our products natural, but fun and exciting at the same time. Since our biggest indulgences are coffee and chocolate, with an occasional glass of wine, our first products are soaps that were based on these delicious and decadent ingredients.

We hope that you love our products and thank you for visiting our website.

Karolina and Monika